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By Bartek Iwańczuk

Deno Newsletter #38 - v0.22.0 - listenTLS, Permissions API, top-level-for-await





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Deno Newsletter

October 29 · Issue #38 · View online

Weekly synthesis on Deno related stuff. Releases, articles, news and resources.

Welcome to Deno Newsletter issue #38!
Every week we serve you with a bunch of useful information and links for every Deno enthusiast.
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v0.22.0 released with listenTLS, web standard permissions API, and auto-generated documentation (ex:

Get it while it's hot:
This week Deno v0.22.0 was released with a lot of interesting changes!
  • feat: Use web standard Permissions API (#3200)
Example of querying and revoking permissions
Example of querying and revoking permissions
  • feat: Deno.listenTLS (#3152)
TLS listener
TLS listener
  • feat: top-level-for-await (#3212)
  • feat: Remove –no-prompt flag, fail on missing permissions (#3183)
  • feat: Support named imports/exports for subset of properties in JSON modules (#3210)
Named exports in JSON files
Named exports in JSON files
Performance improvements in TextDecoder from 1.8s to 0.1s!
Performance improvements in TextDecoder from 1.8s to 0.1s!
  • feat: Publish source tarballs for releases (#3203)
  • feat: Add ResourceTable in core (#3150)
  • feat: Re-enable standard stream support for fetch bodies (#3192)
  • feat: Add CustomInspect for Headers (#3130)
  • fix: Remove runtime panics in op dispatch (#3176#3202#3131)
  • fix: BufReader.readString to actually return Deno.EOF at end (#3191)
Full list of changes can be seen here.
As we’re getting closer to v1.0, remember to track the progress in this issue.
Deno registry now supports autogenerated docs! Just add `?doc` at the end of URL.
Note, that docs work for standard modules, support for all registered modules is coming soon!
Sneek peek below:
I wrangled my slides from his month's @LNUGorg into a repo for anyone who wants to have a play about with @deno_land things.

I'll add to it over time: if theres anything you want to see examples of or if you spot any mistakes, let me know!
GitHub - OnikurYH/deno-prettystring
GitHub - billymoon/fiona
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news next week!
- Bartek
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