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Deno Newsletter #35 - v0.19.0, top level await, dialTLS


Deno Newsletter

October 2 · Issue #35 · View online

Weekly synthesis on Deno related stuff. Releases, articles, news and resources.

Welcome to Deno Newsletter issue #35 after a two week break!
Every week we serve you with a bunch of useful information and links for every Deno enthusiast.
Useful links:

Last week Deno v0.19.0 was released, including some sweet new features and changes:
  • feat: Add Deno.dialTLS()
  • feat: Make deno_cli installable via (#2946)
  • feat: dial/listen API change (#3000)
  • feat: parallelize downloads from TS compiler (#2949)
  • fix: Make window compatible with ts 3.6 (#2984)
  • upgrade: V8 to 7.9.110 with Top Level Await (#3015)
  • upgrade: to TypeScript 3.6.3 (#2969)
Important changes to standard library
  • feat: Implement BufReader.readString (deno_std#607)
  • fix: TOML’s key encoding (deno_std#612)
  • fix: remove //testing/main.ts (deno_std#605)
  • upgrade: mime-db (deno_std#608)
Full list of changes can be found here
TypeScript Conference is just around the corner (October, 11th).
We’re waiting eagerly for Deno talk by @kitsonk and @ry .
TypeScript Conference
The @TypeScript team will be back in action at #TSConf 2019 for a @TalkScript panel discussion! Got questions? Submit them now for a chance to be answered by @ahejlsberg, @drosenwasser & @SeaRyanC! #TypeScript
Deno Warsaw
And we're live!

Deno Warsaw #1 will take place on Oct 23rd, at 6:30pm.

It's a meetup for all Deno enthusiasts as well as TypeScripters and Rustaceans.
See you there!

@deno_land @DenoNews #denoland #typescript #rustlang
Recently I started doing some Deno coding livestreams on YouTube, hope you find them useful!
Deno livecoding - Deno.deps()
GitHub - herohamp/PerlinNoise-Deno
GitHub - timonson/djwt
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news next week!
- Bartek
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