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Deno Newsletter #34 - v0.18.0


Deno Newsletter

September 16 · Issue #34 · View online

Weekly synthesis on Deno related stuff. Releases, articles, news and resources.

Welcome to Deno Newsletter issue #34!
Every week we serve you with a bunch of useful information and links for every Deno enthusiast.
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v0.18.0 released This is the first release built with Cargo!
Last week Deno v0.18.0 was released.
Important changes to Deno
  • build: remove tools/; cargo build is the build frontend now (#2865#2874#2876)
  • feat: Set user agent for http client (#2916)
  • fix: implement bodyUsed in fetch (#2877)
  • fix: basing in URL constructor (#2867#2921)
  • fix: Default ‘this’ to window in EventTarget (#2918)
  • fix: Expose the DOM Body interface globally (#2903)
  • fix: make ‘deno fmt’ faster (#2928)
  • fix: path normalization in resolve_from_cwd() (#2875)
  • fix: remove deprecated Deno.platform (#2895)
  • fix: type directives import (#2910)
  • upgrade: V8 7.9.8 (#2907)
Important changes to standard library
Full list of changes can be found here
Deno News
Deno, a better Node, talk by Nate Bunney. SacJS on September 24th

#denoland #denonews
Deno News
Deno privileges and sandboxing - rethinking the security model in a new secure JavaScript/TypeScript runtime.

Talk by @pocztarski during Warsaw TypeScript on September 19th.

#denoland #denonews #typescript
Japanese Deno community is working on Denobook2!
It’s beautifully illustrated with plethora of Dinos, show them some love!
#技術書典7 で出展するDenobook2にちょっと記事を書きました! 世界でも2番目のDeno本なので、ぜひよろしくお願いします!
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news next week!
- Bartek
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