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Deno Newsletter #33 - v0.17.0, build process refactor


Deno Newsletter

September 10 · Issue #33 · View online

Weekly synthesis on Deno related stuff. Releases, articles, news and resources.

Welcome to Deno Newsletter issue #33!
Every week we serve you with a bunch of useful information and links for every Deno enthusiast.
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Last week Deno v0.17.0 was released, including major refactor of build and snapshotting processes that was described in the previous issue.
Watch out for temporarily disabled `Stream API` in Request/Response!
Important changes to Deno
  • refactor: Remove Node build dependency and change how internal V8 snapshots are built (#2825#2827#2826#2826)
  • refactor: Remove flatbuffers (#2818#2819#2817#2812#2815#2799)
  • feat: Add window.queueMicrotask (#2844)
  • feat: Support HTTP proxies in fetch (#2822)
  • regression: Introduce regression in fetch’s Request/Response stream API to support larger refactor (#2826)
  • fix: Improve error stacks for async ops (#2820)
Important changes to standard library
Full list of changes can be found here
For the past week @ry was refactoring build and CI pipeline and now Deno no longer uses `tools/` instead everything is built using `cargo build` (#2865)
Last week I told you about directory listing in registry, unfortunately there were wild 503s appearing now and then. This issue should be fixed now.
GitHub - eliassjogreen/deno_tokenizer
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news next week!
- Bartek
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