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By Bartek Iwańczuk

Deno Newsletter #31 - v0.16.0, deno test, support for .d.ts files





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Deno Newsletter

August 26 · Issue #31 · View online

Weekly synthesis on Deno related stuff. Releases, articles, news and resources.

Welcome to Deno Newsletter issue #31!
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Last week v0.16.0 was released. This is a big release that includes some of long awaited features!
  • feat: “deno test” subcommand (#2783, #2784, #2800) - automagically run all test in current directory
  • feat: support .d.ts files (#2746) - provide type definitions to JavaScript files
  • feat: implement console.trace() (#2780) - print out stack trace along with arbitrary data
  • feat: support custom inspection of objects (#2791) - add method to class declaration using “Deno.customInspect” symbol for custom serialization for console
  • fix: dynamic import panic (#2792)
  • fix: handle tsconfig.json with comments (#2773)
  • fix: import map panics, use import map’s location as its base URL (#2770)
  • fix: set Response.url (#2782)
Standard library:
Full list of changes can be found here
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news next week!
- Bartek
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