Deno October Update: Deno 1.37 and Deno Queues

This issue dives into using JavaScript on Jupyter notebooks, adding scalable background processing to your apps with Deno Queues, engineering challenges when building Deno KV on FoundationDB, and more.

Deno 1.37: modern JavaScript in Jupyter notebooks

Deno’s mission to simplify programming doesn’t end in web — in 1.37, we bring our modern tooling and streamlined DX to Jupyter notebooks, where you can use JavaScript, TypeScript, and npm in an interactive REPL.

With Deno powering Jupyter notebooks, you can render markdown:


Use web APIs like fetch() and visualize data with observablehq/plot


Even connect to your managed Deno KV instance and use data frames with nodejs-polars:


And much, much more.

Read the full announcement or watch the video

Announcing Deno Queues


As web and cloud software evolves, Deno aims to radically simplify. While using cloud infrastructure involves sifting through boilerplate and complex configurations, Deno wants to distill these intricacies into user-friendly primitives, so developers can build and launch projects even faster.

Hence, Deno KV (now in open beta), which is more than just a persistence option for apps. It’s transforming the developer experience by eliminating redundant configurations and offering a streamlined API.

Building upon this, we’re thrilled to announce Deno Queues, making it even easier to add background processing or scheduled tasks to your applications:

const db = await Deno.openKv();

db.listenQueue(async (msg) => {
  await postToSlack(, msg.text);

await db.enqueue({ channel: "C123456", text: "Slack message" }, {
  delay: 60000,

Read the full announcement or watch the video

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