Deno Newsletter #8

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Last week we saw release of Deno v0.3.3.

Important changes:

  • Upgrade TypeScript to version 3.3 (#1908)
  • Basic ARM64 support (#1887)
  • Remove builtin "deno" module, use Deno global var (#1895)
  • --no-prompt flag for non-interactive environments (#1913)

There was also v0.3.2 release of standard library.

Important changes in standard library:

Full list of changes can be seen here.


Ryan Dahl (@ry) will give two talks about Deno over next two weeks. If you're based in SF or NY area make sure to be there!

San Francisco TypeScript Meetup

March, 21st. 6:00PM, Dropbox HQ, San Francisco, CA.

ModernJavaScript: /runtimes/

March, 28th. 7:00PM EDT. Google 111 8th Avenue, Spire Tech talk, New York, NY 10011

Don't worry if you can't make it there, talks should be video recorded, we'll post links to them as soon as they're available!

Thanks for reading, see you next week with more news!

- Bartek

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