Deno Newsletter #7

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Last week we saw release of Deno v0.3.2.

Important changes:

  • inspection and revocation of permissions (#1875)
  • and Deno.version (#1879)
  • permission bypass fix (#1858, #1864, #1874)

There was also v0.3.1 release of standard library.

Important changes in standard library:

  • refactor of testing asserts (#240, #242)
  • parallel testing support (#224)
  • glob support in file system walker (#219)

Standard library is now accessible at instead of

Full list of changes can be seen here.


GitHub - justjavac/typescript-deno-plugin

Deno language service plugin for TypeScript.

GitHub - justjavac/vscode-deno

VS Code extension that provides Deno support using the typescript-deno-plugin

GitHub - fen-land/deno-fen

A simple web framework for Deno.

GitHub - hayd/deno-collections

Useful collections structures

Last but not least I'd like to thank you all!

We've just hit 100 subscribers last Sunday, it super rewarding to see our community grow!

Thanks for reading, see you next week with more news!

- Bartek

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