Deno Newsletter #41 - v0.25.0, v0.26.0 - native plugins

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【Deno Advent Calendar 2019 Day2】

— hashrock (@hashedrock) December 1, 2019


v0.25.0 released with support for named exports in bundles (plus many other improvements)

— Deno (@deno_land) November 26, 2019

deno v0.26.0 released with plugins - so you can link to rust code

— Deno (@deno_land) December 6, 2019

Over the course of last two weeks we had two releases; v0.25.0 and v0.26.0. Those releases finally brought some long awaited changes!

  • feat: Support named exports on bundles (#3352)
  • feat: Add --check for deno fmt (#3369)
  • feat: Add std/encoding/yaml module (#3361)
  • feat: Add std/node polyfill for require() (#3382#3380)
  • feat: Allow op registration during calls in core (#3375)
  • feat: Support load yaml/yml prettier config (#3370)
  • feat: Add --no-remote, rename --no-fetch to --cached-only (#3417)
  • feat: Native plugins AKA dlopen (#3372)
  • feat: Add Deno.realpath (#3404)
  • feat: Add ignore parser for std/prettier (#3399)
  • feat: Add std/node/process (#3368)
  • feat: Better error message for missing module (#3402)
  • refactor: Reorganize flags, removes ability to specify run arguments like --allow-net after the script (#3389)
  • refactor: Use futures 0.3 API (#3358#3359#3363#3388#3381)
  • refactor: Elevate DenoPermissions lock to top level (#3398)
  • refactor: Disable eager polling for ops (#3434)
  • fix: deno fmt should respect prettierrc and prettierignore (#3346)
  • fix: Make private namespaces in lib.deno_runtime.d.ts more private (#3400)
  • fix: Remote .wasm import content type issue (#3351)
  • fix: Run std tests with cargo test (#3344)
  • fix: std/datetime toIMF bug (#3357)
  • fix: better error for 'relative import path not prefixed with...' (#3405)
  • fix: Improve html for file_server (#3423)
  • fix: MacOS Catalina build failures (#3441)
  • fix: Realpath behavior in windows (#3425)
  • fix: Timer/microtask ordering (#3439)
  • fix: Tweaks to arg_hacks and add v8-flags to repl (#3409)
  • chore: Remove unneeded tokio deps (#3376)

As we're getting closer to v1.0, remember to track the progress in this issue.


Deno – a better Node.js? | Krzysztof Piechowicz

Deno - Google Slides

Slides from by @kitsonk

Let's continue with Bert Bender talking about #Denoland #dotjs

— Adrien LASSΞLLΞ (@AdrienLASSELLE) December 6, 2019


deno-lambda/example at master · hayd/deno-lambda · GitHub

A deno runtime for AWS Lambda.

GitHub - paulmillr/noble-ed25519

Noble ed25519. High-security, easily auditable, 0-dep, 1-file pubkey, scalarmult & EDDSA

GitHub - paulmillr/noble-bls12-381

Noble BLS12-381 pairing-friendly curve in JS. High-security, easily auditable, 0-dep aggregated signatures & pubkey

GitHub - paulmillr/noble-secp256k1

Noble secp256k1. High-security, easily auditable, 0-dep, 1-file pubkey & ECDSA signature scheme

GitHub - paulmillr/noble-ripemd160

Noble RIPEMD160. High-security, easily auditable, 0-dep, 1-file hash function

GitHub - justjavac/deno-murmurhash

An incremental implementation of MurmurHash3 for JavaScript

GitHub - rsp/deno-clipboard

The clipboard copy/paste API for Deno.

GitHub - rsp/deno-ende

Text encoder and decoder exported as simple functions

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news next week!

- Bartek

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