Deno Newsletter #40 - v0.24.0 - WASM imports

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— hashrock (@hashedrock) November 22, 2019


v0.24.0 released. Deno now support importing WASM files and "deno bundle" output no longer needs an AMD preamble

— Deno (@deno_land) November 15, 2019

Latest release is Deno v0.24.0

  • feat: Support .wasm via imports (#3328)
  • feat: Add Node compat module std/node (#3319)
  • feat: Add permissions.request (#3296)
  • feat: Add prettier flags to deno fmt (#3314)
  • feat: Make bundles fully standalone (#3325)
  • feat: Allow http server to take { hostname, port } argument (#3233)
  • fix: Check for closing status when iterating Listener (#3309)
  • fix: Error handling in std/fs/walk() (#3318)
  • fix: Exclude prebuilt from deno_src release (#3272)
  • fix: Turn on TS strict mode for deno_typescript (#3330)
  • fix: URL parse bug (#3316)
  • refactor: resources and workers (#3285#3271#3274#3342#3290)
  • upgrade: Prettier 1.19 (#3275#3305)
  • upgrade: Rust deps (#3292)
  • upgrade: TypeScript 3.7 (#3275)
  • upgrade: V8 8.0.192

As we're getting closer to v1.0, remember to track the progress in this issue.


Ported Node.js CommonJS module loader to std/node of Deno standard modules. You can now use `createRequire` to create a `require_` function for importing CJS modules to Deno scripts.

Would be a good starting point to Deno-Node compatibility (as we are adding more compat modules)

— Kevin Qian (@KevKassimo) November 19, 2019

std/node: add some Node.js polyfill to require()

feat: native plugins by afinch7

refactor: reorganize global flags by ry

YAML support in @deno_land is merged!

Great job @lsagetlethias, what an amazing contribution... you rock 💪

cc @DenoNews @ParisDeno

— Sylvain PONTOREAU (@spontoreau) November 18, 2019

Support named exports on bundles

@deno_land now uses #rustlang futures 0.3. I can't wait to see what impact @tokio_rs 0.2 with new scheduler will have on our performance.

— Bartek Iwańczuk (@biwanczuk) November 17, 2019

fmt: respect prettierrc and prettierignore


Happy to announce that Bert Belder @piscisaureus, early @nodejs core team member now working on @deno_land will be on stage at dotJS day 2!
Get your tickets at

— dotJS (@dotJS) October 30, 2019

Not strictly Deno related, but thanks to our friends from @DenoWarsaw we have 25% discount for tickets to ConfrontJS, just use "deno-warsaw-25" code.

The tweet at no longer exists.


I blogged about Deno @deno_land @deno_land

— Kryz (@kryz_p) November 12, 2019

Write a small API using Deno - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻 Write a small API using Deno - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

The tweet at no longer exists.

Cognizant Softvision - Let’s Talk about Deno Cognizant Softvision - Let’s Talk about


🦕 on Node.js (Working properly) #denoland

— keroxp (@keroxp) November 22, 2019

GitHub - rsp/deno-caught: Deno port of

Deno port of

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- Bartek

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