Deno Newsletter #4

Welcome to the fourth issue of Deno Newsletter!

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There were no releases this week, but we can assure you that great things are coming for Deno and its standard library for v0.3 release, including:


GitHub - lucascaro/deno-uuid

UUID module for deno.

GitHub - luvies/lazy

A linq-like lazy-evaluation enumerable/iteration library that aims to support deno, node & browser

GitHub - luvies/format-tree

Formats a tree structure into a string that can be printed


GitHub - kt3k/deno_license_checker

CLI tool for checking license headers in files

GitHub - syumai/denoget

A tool to install executable deno script.

GitHub - lucascaro/denoversion

Deno cli to manage and bump release versions.

Thanks for reading, see you next week with more news!

- Bartek

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