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v0.21.0 released with performance and stability improvements on all platforms

— Deno (@deno_land) October 19, 2019

This week Deno v0.21.0 was released, important changes in this release:

  • feat: --reload flag to take arg for partial reload (#3109)
  • feat: Allow "deno eval" to run code as module (#3148)
  • feat: support --allow-net=:4500 (#3115)
  • fix: Ensure DENO_DIR when saving the REPL history (#3106)
  • fix: deno fmt should format jsx/tsx files (#3118)
  • fix: clearTimer bug (#3143)
  • perf: eager poll async ops in Isolate (#3046#3128)
  • chore: Move std/fs/path to std/path (#3100)

Full list of changes can be seen here.

We're ever getting closer to v1.0, remember to track the progress in this issue. Current estimates suggest we might see v1.0 at the end of November/end of year.


New Deno website is live! Expect to see more changes in the coming weeks.

Deno Deno is a JavaScript and TypeScript runtime


The slides from a presentation by @kitsonk and ry at TSConf last week:

— Deno (@deno_land) October 18, 2019


Next gen JavaScript and TypeScript runtime - Deno Next gen JavaScript and TypeScript runtime -


#servestjs now provides #reactjs type definition files for #denoland 🎉 To use d.ts, just add Deno's external type definition annotation on your import statement.
Created with @carbon_app

— keroxp (@keroxp) October 12, 2019

GitHub - SuperC03/CatYou-Deno

Every Framework Needs a Cat API

GitHub - davidmartinez10/bigfloat

A library for arbitrary precision decimal floating point arithmetic

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news next week!

- Bartek

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