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v0.18.0 released This is the first release built with Cargo!

— Deno (@deno_land) September 13, 2019

Last week Deno v0.18.0 was released.

Important changes to Deno

  • build: remove tools/; cargo build is the build frontend now (#2865#2874#2876)
  • feat: Set user agent for http client (#2916)
  • fix: implement bodyUsed in fetch (#2877)
  • fix: basing in URL constructor (#2867#2921)
  • fix: Default 'this' to window in EventTarget (#2918)
  • fix: Expose the DOM Body interface globally (#2903)
  • fix: make 'deno fmt' faster (#2928)
  • fix: path normalization in resolve_from_cwd() (#2875)
  • fix: remove deprecated Deno.platform (#2895)
  • fix: type directives import (#2910)
  • upgrade: V8 7.9.8 (#2907)

Important changes to standard library

Full list of changes can be found here


The tweet at no longer exists.

The tweet at no longer exists.


Japanese Deno community is working on Denobook2!

It's beautifully illustrated with plethora of Dinos, show them some love!

#技術書典7 で出展するDenobook2にちょっと記事を書きました! 世界でも2番目のDeno本なので、ぜひよろしくお願いします!

— sasurau4 (@sasurau4) September 10, 2019



Heroku Buildpack for Deno

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- Bartek

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