Deno Newsletter #29 - v0.14.0, dynamic imports

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Last week v0.14.0 was released!

Important changes to Deno:

  • feat: support `await import(...)` syntax for dynamic module imports (#2516)
  • feat: add option to delete the `Deno` namespace in a worker (#2717)
  • feat: support starting worker using a `blob: URL` (#2729)
  • feat: remove `` (#2728)
  • feat: support native line ending conversion in `Blob` constructor (#2695)
  • feat: make `Deno.execPath()` a function (#2743, #2744)
  • fix: enforce permissions on `Deno.kill()`, `Deno.homeDir()` and `Deno.execPath()` (#2714, #2723)
  • fix: `cargo build` incremental builds (#2740)
  • fix: avoid REPL crash when DENO_DIR doesn't exist (#2727)
  • fix: resolve worker module URLs relative to the host main module URL (#2751)
  • doc: improve documentation on using the V8 profiler (#2742)

Important changes to standard library:

Full list of changes can be found here


Ryan Dahl and @kitsonk are on deck for #TSConf 2019! @TypeScript #TypeScript #denoland #denonews @deno_land @nodejs Don't miss it!

— TSConf (@TypeScriptConf) August 8, 2019

Ryan Dahl - "Deno, a new way to JavaScript" - HolyJS 2019 Piter Ryan Dahl - "Deno, a new way to JavaScript" - HolyJS 2019

Ryan Dahl's talk from HolyJS 2019 in St. Petersburg. Talk starts around 1:10:00 mark.


GitHub - chiefbiiko/dynamodb

DynamoDB client for Deno

GitHub - partheseas/gardens

A useful logging utility for JavaScript everywhere. 🎉

GitHub - arkoren/framework

Framework - The core of the arkoren web framework.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news next week!

- Bartek

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