Deno Newsletter #28 - v0.13.0

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Last week v0.13.0 was released!

Important changes to Deno:

  • feat: expose writeAll() and writeAllSync() (#2298)
  • fix: REPL shouldn't panic on SIGINT (#2662)
  • feat: add debug info to ModuleResolutionError (#2697)
  • fix: bring back --no-fetch flag (#2671)
  • fix: handle -v and --version flag (#2684)
  • perf: remove v8::Locker calls (#2665, #2664)

Important changes to standard library:

  • fix: make shebangs Linux compatible (deno_std#545)
  • fix: ignore error when writing response to aborted request (deno_std#546)

Full list of changes can be found here

[caption align="alignnone" width="980"]Deno now informs about invalid "bare import" specifiers.[/caption]


GitHub - ozjd/deno_event_emitter

A NodeJS-like EventEmitter for Deno in Typescript.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news next week!

- Bartek

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