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Due to vacation season there's not much going on in the ether at the moment. As we're working towards 1.0 release (you can read more about it in this issue) here's a gist of development since v0.12.0 was released.

Already landed:

  • feat: remap stack traces of non-thrown errors (#2693)
  • feat: DenoDir refactor (#2636)
  • feat: expose writeAll() and writeAllSync() (#2298)
  • feat: cache response headers for all redirects (#2677)
  • feat: error handling for dynamic imports (#2678)
  • fix: remove hacky normalize_path (#2660)
  • fix: REPL shouldn't panic when it gets SIGINT (#2662)
  • fix: timer params length (#2655)
  • cli: bring back --no-fetch flag (#2671)
  • cli: make --importmap flag global (#2687)
  • cli: handle -v and --version flags (#2684)
  • benchmarks: enable zoom on charts (#2668)
  • benchmarks: bundle size (#2690)
  • refactor: use Deno.execPath where possible (deno_std#548)
  • fix: ignore error when writing response to aborted request (deno_std#546)
  • fix: make shebangs compatible with Linux (deno_std#545)

Still in development:

  • feat: use new Rust Futures API (#2612)
  • feat: debugger, support Chrome Devtools (#2696)
  • feat: print JS stack trace on Ctrl+C (#2673)
  • feat: dynamic imports (#2516)
  • feat: TLS support (#2326)
  • feat: native plugins (#2385)
  • build: make `cargo build` main build frontend (#2675)
  • refactor: cleanup compilation pipeline (#2686)
  • feat: JSDOM port (deno_std#542)
  • feat: YAML module (deno_std#528)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news next week!

- Bartek

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