Deno Newsletter #23 - v0.10.0

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[caption align="alignnone" width="980"]New download progress bar[/caption]

Last week v0.10.0 was released!

Important changes to Deno:

  • feat: New download progress bar inspired by Cargo (#2576)
  • feat: Redirect subprocess stdio to file (#2554)
  • feat: log permissions access (#2518) - note: `-D` flag was deprecated use `-L=debug` instead
  • feat: upgrade deno install (#2551) - you can use custom installation directory with `-d/--dir` flag
  • fix: `fetch()` handles redirects (#2561)
  • fix: `fetch()` returns body as AsyncIterator (#2563)
  • fix: silent failure of `WebAssembly.instantiate()` (#2548)
  • fix: prevent multiple downloads of same module (#2477)

Important changes to standard library:

Full list of changes can be found here


GitHub - maxuuell/deno_init

Executable script to create a deno project. You can install it with `deno install`

GitHub - manyuanrong/deno-smtp

SMTP implementation for deno

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news next week!

- Bartek

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