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Deno is closing in on release of v1.0! List of important features necessary for that release can be seen in this issue.

Last week v0.8.0 was released.

Important changes in Deno:

  • Add bundle command (#2467) - output single JS file including all dependencies in AMD format - `deno bundle script.ts`
  • deno fmt supports --stdout option (#2439) - this feature will help to incorporate formatting of code using Deno in code editors
  • Bring back deno <script> command (#2451) - programs can be started without `run` subcommand - `deno script.ts`
  • Handle compiler diagnostics in Rust (#2445)
  • TypeScript 3.5.1 (#2437)
  • Improve for package managers (#2423)

Important changes in standard library:

  • Add easy CSV API (#458)
  • Implement strict mode (#453)
  • Add `sec-websocket-version` to WebSocket handshake header (#468)

Full list of changes can be found here


An introduction to hacking on Deno | Matt Harrison

Excellent introduction to deno codebase including adding new ops


GitHub - keroxp/deno-couchdb

CouchDB client for Deno built top of fetch.

GitHub - justjavac/deno-semver

The semver parser for Deno (a fork of node-semver using TypeScript)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news next week!

- Bartek

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