Deno Newsletter #2

Welcome to the second issue of Deno Newsletter!

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This week brought us two new releases: v0.2.9 and v0.2.10.

One of biggest improvements is separation of compiler snapshot which resulted in 30% improvement in warm startup.

You can download new versions from here.

New Deno logo

This week Deno got new animated logo created by @hashrock

[caption align="alignnone" width="980"]"I imagine him standing in the rain at night - stoically facing the dark battle that is software engineering."[/caption]


First thoughts on Deno, the JavaScript/TypeScript run-time First thoughts on using the new JavaScript/TypeScript run-time


GitHub - deno_std/prettier

Portable CLI Prettier for Deno! Also available as `deno --fmt`

GitHub - deno_std/log

Logging module from Deno standard library.

GitHub - sholladay/pogo

Server framework for Deno.

GitHub - ameerthehacker/deno-cli-spinners

Awesome Deno terminal spinners.

Thanks for reading, see you next week with more news!

- Bartek

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