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Installation via brew

Deno can now be installed via brew:

`brew install deno`

For all installation options visit deno_install


Last week v0.7.0 was released. Release includes TS compiler refactor and huge update to standard library.

Important changes in Deno:

  • TypeScript compiler refactor (#2380)
  • EventTarget implementation (#2377)
  • Fix concurrent accepts (#2403)
  • Rename `--allow-high-precision` to `--allow-hrtime` (#2398)

Important changes in standard library:

  • more idiomatic BufReader/BufWriter interfaces (#444)
  • Support specified files and glob in Prettier (#438)
  • Prettier outputs to stdout unless `--write` flag specified (#332)
  • Add CSV module (#432)
  • HTTP: RFC7320 handling (#451)
  • HTTP: version parsing (#452)
  • HTTP: fix content length checks (#446)
  • HTTP: send empty body if response has no body (#429)
  • HTTP: handle bad client requests (#419)

Full list of changes can be found here


Ryan Dahl: A secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript | April 2019 Ryan Dahl: A secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript | April

Deno is a new command-line program for executing JavaScript and TypeScript built using V8, Rust, and Tokio.


GitHub - anxiousmodernman/packer-provisioner-deno

A packer plugin that runs Deno scripts.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news next week!

- Bartek

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