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Last week we saw release of Deno v0.3.8.

Important changes:

  • Async module loading (#2084, #2133)
  • Tail latency improvement in Deno core (#2131)
  • Fix for absolute path resolution from remote server (#2109)
  • deno eval subcommand (#2102)

Changes in standard library:

  • HTTP/1.1 pipeline response order (#331)
  • readFileStr and writeFileStr (#276, #340)

Full list of changes can be seen here.


GitHub - rsp/deno-dirname

Node-style __dirname and __filename polyfill for Deno

GitHub - allain/expect

helpers for writing jest like expect tests in deno

GitHub - allain/deno-databatcher

DataBatcher implementation in deno

Thanks for reading, see you next week with more news!

- Bartek

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