Deno Newsletter #10 - Rust crate released

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First of all, I want to let you know that deno crate has been published! That's a big milestone for the project, that's been anticipated for a long time.

The deno crate has been published to

— Deno (@deno_land) March 31, 2019

By the way, @deno_land is an official Twitter account for deno, make sure to follow it!


Last week we saw release of Deno v0.3.5.

This release contains a lot of cool changes, including:

  • Merge --reload and --recompile flag (#2003) - now it's a single --reload flag.
  • Add Deno.openSync, .readSync, .writeSync, .seekSync (#2000)
  • Process.stderrOutput (#1828)
  • Bug fix for invalid seek mode (#2004)
  • Numerous improvements to core (#1982, #1992, #1998, #1999)

Changes in standard library:

  • TOML support (#300)
  • testing - exitOnFail - now it's off by default (#307, #309)
  • Add styling options for prettier (#281)

Full list of changes can be seen here.


Slides from previous weeks' talk by Deno author, Ryan Dahl (@ry) are available here.


Hello everyone 👋 Not so long ago, me and @spontoreau created @ParisDeno, a new meetup about @deno_land and related technologies.
If you're interested to be part of this #Deno community, we will be glad to have you among us!

— Lilian Saget-Lethias 👌 (@lsagetlethias) March 29, 2019

Shout out to @ParisDeno, a new meetup about Deno.

Be sure to get in touch if you're based in Paris!

There was another meetup last week at BrestJS in Brest, France. Follow them on for info about next meetings!

Deno, un runtime JS/TS | Meetup Le BrestJS est de retour le Mercredi 27 Mars à The Corner à partir de 19h30 !Pour cette session, nous vous proposons un talk sur Deno, le nouveau projet du créateur de NodeJS. Il s'agit d'un runtime J


GitHub - chiefbiiko/base64

base64 strings from/to Uint8Arrays.

Thanks for reading, see you next week with more news!

- Bartek

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