#59: Deno turns 5 πŸŽ‰, v1.34, Node.js built-ins on Deno Deploy, and more

Hey folks,

Summer is right around the corner, which means our days are heating up, just like our work at Deno. So we got a chunky update that we're excited to share with you all!

image.png Deno celebrating its 5th birthday!

Deno Updates and Resources 🀯

Deno v1.34 β€” The Deno Team β€” The featured update here is deno compile now supports npm specifiers. Check out the blog post for some fun examples.

Node.js built-ins on Deno Deploy β€” Luca Casonato β€” Now you can use Node.js built-in modules like node:http on Deno Deploy, allowing you to run existing Node.js apps at the edge. Wondering when npm: will finally land on Deploy? Soon.

Deno Deploy's new changelog β€”Β The Deno Team β€” We just launched an easily consumable feed of Deno Deploy updates!

πŸ’Ύ Deno KV might be a game changer (YouTube) β€”Β Awesome Code Club β€” An awesome overview of Deno KV, going over the main concepts such as ACID, transactions, and more.

πŸ’Ύ Deno KV Consistency: Eventual vs. Strong? β€” The Deno Team β€” This playground demo demonstrates the differences between eventual and strong consistency read modes

How to guides πŸ“

Running JavaScript in Rust with Deno β€” Austin Poor β€”Β A walkthrough on building a simple CLI, written in Rust, for filtering files using JavaScript expressions.

Build your own ChatGPT-style doc search with Fresh, OpenAI, and Supabase β€” Thor Schaeff β€” A simple tutorial on how to setup ChatGPT-style doc search.

Expanding ChatGPT Code Interpreter with Python packages, Deno and Lua β€”Β Simon Willison β€”Β A cool walkthrough on having ChatGPT Code Interpreter write Deno code.

Build a Weather app with Deno and Fresh πŸ‹ (YouTube) β€”Β Learn by Doing β€”Β This 10 minute video goes over building a simple, yet thorough weather app using the Weather API

Code and Tools πŸ› 

  • seeker β€”Β this module checks for circular dependencies
  • codepoint_iterator β€”Β a utility library for converting an iterable of UTF-8 filled Uint8Array's into Unicode code points
  • garph β€” a fullstack GraphQL Framework for TypeScript
  • netsaur v0.2.6 β€” a new release for this machine learning module
  • manshin β€” an infrastructure-as-code (IaC) engine that focuses on managing resources and providers
  • workflowy β€”Β a Deno/Node client library for Workflowy
  • πŸ’Ύ pentagon β€”Β Prisma like ORM built on top of Deno KV
  • esm β€”Β now you can run esm locally with deno run -A https://esm.sh/server
  • πŸ’Ύ otana β€” Otama is an abstraction on Deno KV which still exposes a simple KV API but with a lot of syntactic sugar to make development easier
  • vectorizer β€”Β a text vectorizer in TypeScript based on scikit-learn's CountVectorizer and TfidfTransformer
  • πŸ’Ύ kvdex β€” a database wrapper for Deno's KV store with simple and type-safe storing/retrieving of data

Built with Deno πŸ¦•

And that's it for this issue! If you think you know someone who would benefit from it, please forward it to them.

β€” Andy

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