#57: Deno v1.32, SaaSKit, and more

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Articles and Resources

Deno 1.32Deno Authors — 1.32 brings smoother Node.js compatibility and other improvements.

Why We Added package.json Support to DenoRyan Dahl — Clarifying Deno's mission to simplify and accelerate, and how adding package.json is a step in that direction.

You Don't Need a Build StepAndy Jiang — A brief overview into the build step, why it exists, and why we might not need it going forward.

Using the database SQLite with DenoCraig Doremus — This guide will show you how to perform CRUD operations in Deno with sqlite3 and deno-sqlite.

How to proxy deno deploy through cloudflareReda Bacha — A thorough guide on how to protect your Deno Deploy with Cloudflare.

Setting up WebStorm for Deno - A GuideAnden Acitelli — A list of tricks and best practices to using Deno with WebStorm.

Making SQLite extensions npm install'able for Node.js, and on deno.land/x for DenoAlex Garcia — A guide on how to use SQLite extensions with Deno and how they work.

Create CLIs For 2023 Using DenoDidier Amyot — More CLI developers are choosing Deno for building their next CLI tool. Here's a thoughtful guide on writing CLI in 2023 with Deno.

Intro to Fresh pluginsJavier Ríos — A good resource for understanding how plugins in Fresh work.

Deno Fresh Deep Dive: Part 1 and Part IIGeoff Flarity — A series of looking under the Fresh hood. Part I looks at the Manifest file and what it does, while Part II discusses Server Context and its purpose.

Build an API with Express, Deno, and TypeScript: Part I and Part IITim Post — This series walks you through building a simple API using Express, as well as testing, benchmarking, and deployment.

Code and Tools

  • Fresh + Stripe example — Curious on how to integrate Stripe with Fresh? Check out this example.
  • drgn — A full-stack CLI library for deploying and managing enterprise-grade command line applications.
  • OpenAI — A feature complete Deno wrapper for the OpenAI API.
  • Grove — A hybrid microservice framework for Deno.
  • pup — Universal process manager built in Deno
  • eas-deno — A TypeScript SDK that authenticates with the main EAS API through tokenization. Giving you the performance of Rust without having to learn FFI in Rust.
  • deno-embedder — Dev tools for embedding static files into Deno as code.
  • terminal_images — 3.1.0 update for this module that helps display images in the terminal
  • squishy_cookies — A helper module that makes it easy to sign and verify cookies
  • inspire — Get an inspiring quote in your terminal.
  • bundlee — Bundle static assets to a single JSON-file.
  • monke — Color quantization and dithering in TypeScript.
  • byte — A disk unit conversion to human readable text library for JavaScript.

Products and APIs

Deno SaaSKit — An open-sourced modern SaaS template built on Fresh. It includes billing, auth, session management, and more. Try it out and give us feedback!

Cicada Build — Currently in private beta, Cicada allows you to write your CI pipelines with the power of TypeScript and run them locally or in the cloud.

Valtown — Easily share JS/TS functions. Now powered by Deno!

mock - This simple website lets you create mock API calls for testing.

co-authored-by - A micro-API that, when given GitHub handle, returns text "Co-authored-by: XYZ xyz@abc.com". Check it out: https://co-authored-by.deno.dev/lambtron

Plark — An AI-powered website building using Deno.

Odds and Ends

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