#56: Deno v1.31, a look back at 2022, and more

Deno in 2022

Happy 2023! It has been a few weeks since the last Deno News, so this one might be a bit longer than previous issues!

Articles and Resources

Deno 1.31: package.json supportThe Deno Authors — You read that correctly. Deno 1.31 will auto-discover package.json, install dependencies, and even run scripts with deno task. More in the blog post.

Deno in 2022: npm, Edge Functions, Series A, Fresh, and moreThe Deno Authors — A recap of an exceptional 2022 for Deno, and a tease of what's to come in 2023.

Build a Deno Project in CodeSandboxCodeSandbox — CodeSandbox, a cloud development platform, introduced Docker support, which means you can now use Deno. Check it out!

Replacing an Express API with @nrwl/deno (video)Nx — The Nx team livestreams replacing an express API with Deno and deploys it with Deno Deploy.

The Future (and the Past) of the Web is Server Side RenderingAndy Jiang — A brief history about server-side rendering and why it's the right approach for modern web development.

Build a Simple Image Resizing API in less than 100 LOCAndy Jiang — A short tutorial on building a simple image resizing API with Deno and Deno Deploy. Check out the video walkthrough here.

Roll your own JavaScript runtime, pt. 2Bartek Iwańczuk — This follow up to the first post covers implementing fetch, reading a filepath as a command line argument, and supporting TypeScript and TSX. Watch the video walkthrough here.

Deploying a Fresh app from your Readme (video)Ruben Restrepo — Using a Runme VSCode extension, Ruben shows how to deploy a Deno fresh application directly from your README.

How to build a GraphQL Server with DenoAndy Jiang — Another short how-to on setting up a simple GraphQL server.

WTF is FFI? (video)Andy Jiang & Aapo Alasuutari — Interested in calling libraries and functions from languages like C/C++, Rust, etc.? Check out this new YouTube series where Andy and Aapo dive into examples on using Deno's FFI to do some cool stuff.

Code and Tools

  • earthstar - a small, resilient, distributed storage protocol designed for simplicity and versatility
  • p5-wasm - a p5js like library for wasm with a Deno runtime using dwm and skia canvas.
  • jsontointerface — this nifty tool will accept a JSON string and spit out the TypeScript interface.
  • plug v1 - With v1.0.0, this drop in extension helps with using remote dynamic libraries in Deno.
  • parsedown - A WAsm module for parsing Markdown to HTML that also generates helpful meta stats.
  • tiny_logger - A simple console/file logger for Deno.
  • Salta - A native, fast, and up-to-date way of using Dart Sass in Deno.
  • udibo_react_app - A React Framework for Deno that makes it easy to create highly interactive apps that have server side rendering with file based routing for both your UI and API.
  • deno shell completions for nu - shell completions for Deno in nu shell
  • endofunctor - A fast router in Deno with a heap of less than 1% (benchmarks in the readme).
  • gpt - A Deno port of BPE Encoder Decoder for GPT-2 / GPT-3
  • darkflare - A directory-based router and all-in-one framework for Cloudflare Workers that generates a JS bundle that can be deployed to Cloudflare.
  • LiveLog - A remote console.log service to help debug Deno Desktop apps.

Odds and Ends

And that's all for this issue!

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— Andy

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