#55: Deno v1.29 and `npm install heat`

npm install heat

2022 was a big year for Deno: we're officially npm compatible, we launched the Deno-first framework Fresh, announced partnerships with Netlify, Supabase, and Slack, raised a series A to continue making Deno the easiest, most secure, and fastest runtime, and much much more.

As the final newsletter for 2022, here's the roundup of updates from the team and the community from the past month!

Articles and Resources

Deno v1.29: Custom npm registry supportThe Deno Team — This most recent update includes a lot of improvements to npm compatibility, REPL, and more. Check out our video for the highlights.

Build a Static Site with LumeÓscar Otero — A quick walkthrough on using Lume to build a static site.

Denonomicon: Interfacing with non-C API librariesAapo Alasuutari — Denonomicon now has a whole slew of articles about interfacing with C++ libraries through Deno FFI.

Building a full stack app with Deno Fresh and FaunaShadid Haque — An excellent guide on building an app with Fresh and Fauna.

Integrating Deno with Firebase FirestoneLittle Sticks — A video tutorial on using Firebase Firestone (a cloud-hosted NoSQL) with Deno. e

A Review of UltraJS, Mixing React and Deno in a Single FrameworkFernando Doglio — Next time you want to use React, check out UltraJS. Zero bundling, native TypeScript and import map support, and more. And here's the podcast episode where the author interviews UltraJS creator, Omar Mashaal.

Code and Tools

  • deno_changesets — 🦕 Deno native way to manage versioning and changelogs.
  • dwm — Deno Window Manager: Cross-platform window creation and management.
  • steamy — A Valve API wrapper for Deno.
  • libclang-deno — Deno FFI bindings for libclang

Odds and Ends

And that's it for this newsletter! If you think someone may find this useful, please forward it to them.

See you all next year!

— Andy

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