#54: npm compatibility is stabilized in 1.28 πŸŽ‰

Deno driving to npm

The big news for the past month is that npm compatibility is stabilized in Deno 1.28. To show how big of an update this is, we had our first launch week and published a ton of guides and videos, as well as hosted our first livestream!

Did you try npm with Deno? Hit reply and tell me what you made with it. You may win some merch!

Articles and Resources

Using Preact Signals with Fresh β€” Craig Doremus β€” A quick how to guide on using Preact Signals with Fresh.

Using GraphQL with Fresh (5min video) β€” Jamie Barton β€” A short video tutorial on using GraphQL with Fresh.

Deno is blazing fast for humans β€” Charles Lowell β€” A funny interrogation of status quo that explores why you should use Deno.

Code and Tools

  • Deno 1.28.3 β€” Latest update from yesterday.
  • browserStorage πŸ‹ β€” A way to access web storage API in Fresh.
  • prefetch πŸ‹ β€” Fresh plugin for prefetching pages.
  • partytown πŸ‹ β€” Partytown plugin for Fresh.
  • frugal β€” A web framework with resource sparing in mind.
  • silverbullet β€” Markdown as a platform, powered by Deno.
  • timers β€” All the timing functions for Deno and the browser.
  • remind-kindle β€” Get reminder emails of your favorite kindle highlights.
  • openai_mini β€” A minimal OpenAI library.

Odds and Ends

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β€” Andy

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