#52: Deno 1.26, Isolate Clouds, and the Edge

In this issue, we introduce Deno 1.26, dig into isolate clouds, and discuss why the edge is the future.

Articles and Resources

Deno 1.26Deno Authors — Announcing the Cache Web API, improvements to NPM support, and more! Video recap here.

The Anatomy of an Isolate CloudColin Ihrig — A technical overview of what makes Deno Deploy so fast.

Deno Primer & Isolate CloudsAlex Mackenzie — A brief introduction to Deno through unpacking its fundamental technologies.

The Future of Web is on the EdgeAndy Jiang — A brief history of the internet explaining why building for the edge is faster, more secure, and easier than ever.

Last mile DynamoDB: Deno Deploy editionMathias Lafeldt — A tutorial on using DynamoDB with Deno Deploy.

Code and Tools

  • pogo v0.6.0 — Pogo, a hapi-inspired server framework for Deno, now with support for Deno Deploy and React 18.
  • deno2node — Compiles your Deno project to run on Node.js.
  • graphism — Quickly create GraphQL servers in Deno & Deno Deploy.
  • plug v1 — A drop-in extension for using remote dynamic libraries in Deno.

Odds and Ends

And that’s it for this issue!

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