#51: Announcing the new Slack Platform powered by Deno

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We’re really excited to partner with Slack on their new Slack Platform, which is a faster, flexible, and more secure way to build on top of Slack, featuring:

  • A new modular architecture grounded in building blocks — functions, triggers, and workflows
  • Secure, serverless deployment powered by Slack’s managed infrastructure and Deno’s secure-by-default runtime
  • A faster, more intuitive developer experience, including new tools like the Slack CLI, SDK written in TypeScript, and data stores

Try it out today!

Articles and Resources

A Whole Website in a Single JavaScript File, cont'dLeo Kettmeir — An example of a modern web app with dynamic API, dynamic rendering, form functionality in less than 200 LOC, and why this matters.

Getting started with Lume (Youtube)Coding with Robby — A quick, 13min walkthrough on building a blog with a flexible and modular static site generator, Lume.

Code and Tools

  • Deno 1.25.4 — With performance and npm specifier improvements.
  • tui 1.1.0 — A module to assist in building terminal user interfaces, with improved DX and performance.
  • netsaur 0.1.2 — Improved speed for CPU backend for this machine learning library.
  • dbin — A small library to download binaries from GitHub releases.
  • evtemetter 3.0.0 — A strongly typed EventEmitter for Deno.
  • deno-nvim — A nvim plugin for working in Deno.
  • targadactyl — A module for opening and serving .tga files in Deno.
  • guardenoql 1.0.2 — Opine middleware that grants depth and cost limiting security methods for GraphQL servers in Deno.
  • wren — A small, powerful HTTP library for Deno.

Odds and Ends

And that’s it for this issue!

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