#50: The JavaScript Trademark, Fresh 1.1, and Deno on AWS Lambda

In this issue, we ask Oracle to do the right thing, welcome Fresh 1.1 to the universe, and learn how to run Deno in an AWS lambda custom runtime.

Articles and Resources

Dear Oracle, Please Release the JavaScript TrademarkRyan Dahl — Did you know Oracle has a trademark on “JavaScript”? And they haven’t done much with it, except creating a legal gray area that led to the invention of “ECMAscript” (which Brandon Eich has said “was always an unwanted trade name that sounds like a skin disease”). Help us get the word out there.

Fresh 1.1Luca Casonato — Fresh is simpler to use and faster than ever, now with automatic JSX, plugins, and more.

How to Build an E-commerce Site with a Perfect Lighthouse ScoreAndy Jiang — With SSR, islands, and edge deployments (all a breeze with Fresh and Deno Deploy), getting a 100 Lighthouse score has never been easier.

Bun vs Node: Round 2 (feat. Astro, Deno, Fresh and more) (Youtube)Jack Herrington — Jack compares requests per second and latency of a variety of different modern web stacks. Results and source code here.

How to build an API with Deno and DanetThomas | Sori — This tutorial shows how to build a TODO list with Danet, a nest-inspired app framework for Deno.

Fresh full stack build tutorial with login state (Youtube)Coding Garden — A lot of people want to build fully featured apps with Fresh. This stream (part 6 of a longer series) demonstrates setting up login states and connecting sessions in a Fresh app.

Using Deno to build a REST APIAlexander Karan — A great tutorial for building a Bilby (a desert marsupial) API with Deno, Oak, Firebase, hosted on Deno Deploy. Video walkthrough here.

Building a Deno Serverless Application Using Lambda Custom Runtime & CDKProud2BeCloud — A thorough walkthrough on setting up Deno in a custom runtime for AWS Lambda.

Code and Tools

Odds and Ends

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