#49: Big Changes for Deno starting with v1.25

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This issue we talk about big changes ahead for Deno, node compatibility in 1.25, and much, much more.

Articles and Resources

Big Changes Ahead for DenoThe Deno Authors — A reminder that we're dedicated to building the fastest, most secure, most widely used JavaScript runtime.

Deno v1.25: deno init, npm support, and moreThe Deno Authors — If the inability to pull in certain npm modules have given you pause, then this is the version you'd want to check out. Besides npm support, there's also a faster (and brand new) http server, quick scaffolding with deno init, and more. Here’s the short video recap.

Getting started with Fresh: The New Deno FrameworkFernando Doglio — Confused about islands? Check out this tutorial that goes over fetching data and adding interactivity in Fresh.

Live Coding with Luca Casonato: Full Stack with Fresh and Deno Deploy (YouTube)Luca Casonato — Luca gives a detailed walkthrough of building a website in Fresh and deploying it on Deno Deploy at JSNation 2022.

Code and Tools

  • breezewind — A new JSON to HTML/XML templating engine.
  • elmedeno — A middleware for secure Deno applications. Supports a variety of frameworks, including Oak, Opine, and Fresh.
  • flamethrowerDeno — Flamethrower, a router/prefetcher that makes your site feel fast, now with Deno support.
  • d3no-data — A chart component library for Fresh written in D3 and Preact.
  • dci — Generate a config file for Deno.
  • deno_tui v1.0 — This simple Deno module which helps create terminal user interfaces just hit v1.0!
  • peko v0.5 — v0.5 of this lightweight server framework features simple routing, error handling, SSR, logging/caching/authenticating middleware, and much more.
  • envalid — Environment variable validation for Deno.

Odds and Ends

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