#48: Announcing Deno Merch!

Screen Shot of Deno merch shop

We launched our Merch Shop! It’s built with Fresh and Shopify’s Storefront API, hosted on Deno Deploy (view source). The GitHub readme shows you how to build your own and a more thorough guide explaining how it works is coming soon.

Articles and Resources

Roll your own JavaScript runtimeBartek Iwanczuk — Bartek outlines setting up a simple JavaScript runtime that can execute local JS files, read/write files, and has a simplified console API.

Build a Full-stack CRUD App using Deno’s Fresh and PostgresYoni Rapoport — A straightforward guide to building a simple Todo app with Remult, Fresh, and Postgres.

Using TypeScript and Web Components without bundling, with DenoBruno Bernardino — Bruno discusses the benefits of Deno, TypeScript, and Web Components in his web projects.

State of Deno 2022 (YouTube)Colin Ihrig — Colin Ihrig discusses the why of Deno, Deno vs. Node, Deno's architecture, its tooling and features, and more in this talk.

Fetching data using Deno Fresh Web Framework - It’s Hyper Fast (YouTube)Eric David Smith — Through building a website, Eric shows how performant Deno and Fresh are, right out of the box.

Code and Tools

Odds and Ends

  • Prototyping and need SVG image placeholders? This neat service (hosted near you on Deno Deploy) will provide a rectangular vector given height and width parameters.
  • Curious about Deno FFI? “The Dark Arts of Deno Foreign Function Interface” is a guide that demystifies FFI and fills gaps in Deno’s own manual. Check back often as it’s actively being improved!

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