#46: Fresh, `wasmbuild`, and v1.23.2

Deno enjoying a lemonadeThe big news in the past two weeks is the v1.0 release of Fresh! It uses SSR, just-in-time rendering, and island-based hydration, with no build step. Here are some reactions from Twitter:

Everyone: our builds got 50% faster@deno_land: we have no builds


โ€” Adriรกn Mato ๐Ÿ™ (@adrianmg) June 28, 2022

okay, @deno_land's new web framework "fresh" is actually so clean

I need to build something nowww

โ€” Tomasz Zdanowski (@tzdanows) June 30, 2022

You had me at "zero JS by default":https://t.co/C6A1VDD5Fh

โ€” Alex Russell (@slightlylate) June 15, 2022

And if you haven't checked out Fresh, here's a 3min recap video from the one and only Fireship.

Articles and Resources

Announcing Fresh v1.0 โ€” Luca Casonato โ€” Deno's official announcement about Fresh v1.0 with examples to get started.

NEW FRAMEWORK Makes Remix And NextJS Feel Slow?? Fresh by Deno is FAST (Youtube) โ€” Theo - ping.gg โ€” In this 28min video, Theo explains Deno, SSR/SSG (with diagrams!), and how Fresh works.

How to Fresh (Youtube) โ€” Coding with Robby โ€” An excellent 20 min introduction to building a website with Fresh.

wasmbuild - Using Rust in Deno and Web Apps โ€” David Sherret โ€” wasmbuild is a module that enables developers to build Rust for Deno or the Web with only Rust's toolchain and Deno installed, meaning less setup steps for your contributors.

Deno ใงใ‚ณใƒžใƒณใƒ‰ใƒฉใ‚คใƒณใƒ„ใƒผใƒซใ‚’้›‘ใซไฝœใฃใŸใฎใงๆ„Ÿๆƒณ โ€” sosukesuzuki โ€” Prettier maintainer gives his first impressions on Deno.

Fresh: The Next-Gen JavaScript Web Framework โ€” Harsh Singh โ€” A brief, but insightful overview of Fresh's features, such as SSR, JIT rendering, and island-based hydration.

Code and Tools

  • Deno v1.23.2 โ€” Minor bug fixes and FFI improvements.
  • bebo โ€” Run Clojure scripts on Deno.
  • http_response_helpers โ€” Simple helper functions to create Fetch API Response objects.
  • fast โ€” A fast, minimal web framework in less than 200 LOC.
  • r2d2 โ€” Simple, lightweight Redis client library for Deno.
  • zipland โ€” Serve file server with single zip file as file system in Deno.
  • atlas_sdk โ€”A typeโ€“safe MongoDB Atlas SDK for Deno.
  • hono โ€” A web framework for Cloudflare Workers, but with the recent v1.6 release, now supports Deno.
  • crayon โ€” A terminal-styling module written in TypeScript.
  • fortuna โ€” A weighted gacha system.
  • piwo โ€” A command line HTTP client written in Deno.
  • deno_python โ€” Python interpreter bindings for Deno.
  • webview_deno โ€” New release v0.7.3 fixes the pre-built executables for Linux in addition to adding support for the Apple M1 platform.
  • mock-file โ€” A synchronous file system API polyfill for Deno Deploy.
  • emoji โ€” A utility module for all things emoji.

Odds and Ends

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