#45: Deno raises $21M

deno_news.png Shoutout to Dunkan for creating this!

It’s been a busy two weeks! We announced our $21M series A raise, released v1.23, and added two showcase apps to our Deno Deploy page.

Articles and Resources

Deno raises $21MRyan Dahl — We're excited to continue to build the best modern developer experience in our runtime and isolate cloud infrastructure.

“An Introduction to Deno for Node.js Developers” (JSNation 2022)Colin Ihrig — Colin dives into the similarities and differences between Node and Deno, and gives an introduction into using Deno.

Deno v1.23Deno Authors — Removed type-checking by default, --watch now watches dynamic imports, plus more. (Or check out this 60 second video recap.)

Toying with Deno. Making a … Game Engine?Jorge Romero — Love seeing the community use Deno in new ways, like this walkthrough on building a desktop game engine with Three.js and Webview. Source here.

Getting Started with Deno (Japanese)Yoshiya Hinozawa — A very thorough Japanese guide to setting up a web server with database access using Deno.

Code and Tools

  • sqlf — Fast pgSQL generation for Deno.
  • neko — A frame buffer deno module built on top of minifb with canvas api implementation and a webgpu renderer.
  • axiom-deno — Easily send events from Deno to Axiom.
  • ts-serve — Middleware to transpile TypeScript on the fly and deliver it from your server as ES Modules.
  • duration.js — A single Class library to parse and format units of time with zero dependencies.
  • cjs — A Deno implementation to create variables like __dirname and __filename in Node.js.
  • fast — A minimalist web framework for Deno.
  • roman.js — Convert numbers to Roman numerals, because why not.
  • atom-ide-deno v1.26.0 — The final release for Deno support in the Atom IDE (RIP).
  • neptune — A rigid body library loosely ported from Matter.js.

Odds and Ends

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