#58: Deno 1.33, Deno KV, and more

At Node Congress, Ryan Dahl gave a keynote that teased Deno 2.0 and Deno KV, both which was met with excitement. We then launched Deno KV on Deploy in closed beta (join the waitlist today). Luca and Heyang also joined me (Andy) this past week for a livestream where we answered questions about and demo'd Deno KV on Deploy by building "Deno Paste".

Deno KV

Articles and Resources

Deno 1.33: Deno 2 is coming — Big updates in 1.33, including flatter deno.json, Deno KV, fewer permission checks, and more. Check out the short video on our YouTube.

Digging into Deno KVSimon Willison — A nice, detailed look under the hood of Deno KV — the CLI and on Deploy.

A Gentle Introduction to IslandsAndy Jiang — Islands architecture avoids full page hydration to improve end user experience. But how exactly do they work?

A list of Deno resourcesThis Dot — A collection of featured podcast episodes, blog posts, and tutorials relating to Deno.

Roll your own JavaScript runtime, pt. 3The Deno Team — The third installment where we dig into using v8 snapshots to improve startup time. Check out the video demo and the source code.

What every developer should know about the Deno third party module registryCraig Doremus — An interesting article for module authors on how deno.land/x API ranks popularity.

Deno is the easiest way to author npm packagesCharles Lowell — How to easily publish your packages to both Deno and npm ecosystem.

Tools and Code

  • slack/deno-starter-template — templates to help you build Slack apps fast
  • danet — more updates to this Nest-inspired Deno-first framework like danet develop and danet start
  • ShellGPT — GPT-4 in your terminal.
  • service — a simple module for managing system services.
  • obsidian 8.0 — a native Deno GraphQL caching solution for client- and server-side modules. More details here.
  • dns_sd — A utility module like Bonjour/Zeroconf/Avahi but in Deno.
  • pretty-ts-errors — Making TypeScript errors prettier in VSCode.
  • windows_service — A module to create Windows services using Deno apps.
  • 🍋 fresh_matching — Utilities to match/validate route params for Deno Fresh.
  • cicada — Write CI/CD pipelines in TypeScript. Check out this getting started guide here.
  • semver-cli — A CLI for common semantic versioning operations.
  • cheetah — A blazing fast framework for the modern web.
  • 🍋 fresh_layout — Add layouts to your Fresh project.
  • deso — A simple router based framework for Deno.
  • netsaur — A total rewrite of this machine learning library for Deno.
  • Tui 2.0.0 — Improved DX and performance in this module that makes it easy to build Terminal User Interfaces.

Odds and Ends

Are you building with Deno KV? Or using Deno at work? I'd love to hear from you. Hit reply and I'll answer!

And that's it for this issue! If you think someone else might enjoy it, please forward it to them.

— Andy

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