#43: Deno turns 4: new Deploy pricing and v1.22 πŸ¦• πŸŽ‰

Deno is now 4

In this issue, we get closer to GA with Deploy, learn how to convert a Node.js library to Deno with Deno, and discuss what it's like to run Deno in production for almost a year.

Articles and Resources

Deno Deploy Beta 4 Deno Authors β€” We improve the dashboard, add billing functionality, add 3 new regions, and improve analytics. Our estimate for General Availability release is Q3 2022.

How we converted our Node.js library to Deno (using Deno) James Clarke β€” An in-depth walkthrough of writing a Deno script to comb through a library, re-write import/export statements, and inject NodeJS globals. Full compilation script here.

Deno v1.22 Deno Authors β€” Updated type checking behavior, removal of Deno.emit(), added a new Response.json() static method, among other improvements.

Deno.js in production. Key takeaways Steven De Salas β€” "Deno is for senior developers who are tired of Node.js ecosystem and want a similar runtime without moving to Golang."

dangoDB: A MongoDB ODM for Deno Steve Jue β€” An Object Data Modeling module that will allow you to enforce schema validation for your data in MongoDB.

Introducing Bedrock β€” An Authentication Library for Deno OSLabs Beta β€” Authentication middleware for Deno that covers multiple verification strategies.

Code and Tools

  • Prosemirror β€” A module for building rich text-editors on the web.
  • Netsaur v0.1.1 β€” A neural network module, now with more activation functions and backpropagation for CPU/GPU backends.
  • elixir_deno β€” Deno bindings in Elixir.
  • Danet β€” A savory web framework for Deno heavily inspired by Nest.
  • Drive Link β€” Generate a Google Drive direct download link based on the URL or ID.
  • Denoflare R2 β€” A CLI to make developing and deploying Cloudflare workers simple, now with Cloudflare R2 support.
  • ok computer β€” Functional approach to data validation in JS and TS.

Odds and Ends

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