#42: Deno News is back! Featuring v1.21, Netlify Edge Functions, and JavaScript Containers

Hey everyone! We're excited to bring back this newsletter, Deno News, which will include related news, articles, and projects. We intend to send an issue between once a week and once a month. Let's dive right in.

Articles and Resources

Deno v1.21 Deno Authors — This release introduces deno check, as well as improvements to deno repl, deno bench, deno test, and more.

Netlify Edge Functions with Deno Deploy Deno Authors — We’re excited about our partnership with Netlify in powering their Edge Functions with Deno Deploy infrastructure.

Announcing the Web-interoperable Runtimes Community Group Luca Casonato — This new W3C community group will promote runtimes supporting a comprehensive unified API surface that JavaScript developers.

Deno Cheat Sheet Oscar Otero — An excellent, single-page reference guide for the Deno CLI, runtime API, and web APIs.

JavaScript Containers Ryan Dahl — What if we think about “web services” as JavaScript containers?

Going Serverless with Deno and Begin Stripe Developers — Our friends at Stripe and Begin chat about building modern web and serverless applications with Deno.

Code and Tools

  • Ultra — The web-app framework that leans hard into your browser's native features. And they recently released v1.0!
  • Ruck — An open source buildless React web application framework for Deno.
  • Peko — A featherweight & flexible SSR toolkit for modern JS apps.
  • Oak Sessions: Cookie-based web session middleware for Oak.
  • PBKit — A collection of tools related to protobuf.
  • PostgresJS — The fastest, full-featured Postgres client for Node and Deno.
  • DenoStore — cache GraphQL queries with Deno and Oak.

Odds and Ends

And that’s it for this issue!

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